Lemon Crush – Candle


  • Burns clean, with minimal soot andŒtoxins for 35-40 hours
  • Ecologically responsible coconutŒwax formula
  • Hand crafted here in Los Angeles
  • Can also be used as your personal fragrance and perfect for body application
  • 15% fragrance solution

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Lemon Crush – An enveloping warm citrus blend with top notes of lemon & lemongrass. Mid notes of verbena, jasmine and geranium and base notes of vanilla, sugar and sweet musk. An addictive ‘feel good’ candle that will awaken the senses and create a ‘healthy’ vice. This is an innovative new candle made with a unique coconut wax offering the cleanest burn on the market. It is made from food-grade-certified coconut oil. Our hand-crafted candles are among the first sustainable wax alternatives to hit the market. The final result is a wax like no other, providing an amazing, clean-burning candle that never collects soot, exudes fragrance, and is truly ecologically responsible. The purity of coconut oil allows the fragrance to burn true, releasing the natural parfum without distortion. Simply the best burning wax.


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